Lead Management System
World class lead management solution to follow up on leads and improve your sales
Daily Dashboard
Daily summary of tasks to be performed by executives, including new or assigned leads
Task Bucket
Task Buckets
Follow ups are split across New, Pending, Calls Today, etc. buckets for proper handling
Test Drive
Test Drive
Schedule test drive for customer with proper utilization of your vehicles
Price Quotes
Price Quotations
Send accurate price quotation from your mobile app
follow up history
Follow Up History
View complete history of your customer interactions, across all their inquiries
Import your leads into our LMS or export them for use into your systems
Lost cases
Lost case analysis
Detailed reporting on lost inquiries to improve your conversions
Employee Report
Employee Performance Report
Exhaustive reports on your employee's assigned leads, follow ups, delays, etc.
mobile app
Mobile App for Field Team
Your field team can view and follow up with customers while out on the field
Virtual Ad Numbers
Buy virtual ad numbers to generate more leads from various sources and achieve greater ROI by tracking all leads in a single system
Reduce Missed Calls
Reduce Missed Calls
Upto 5 users can be mapped for each virtual number to receive calls and hence the chance of missing a call is low. Missed calls are also tracked as leads
Increased Leads
Increased Leads
Generate more leads by using virtual numbers in any of your marketing channels and you can change channels on a need basis
Real Time Reports
Track the performance of your virtual number channels and track which number is driving better sales through our real time reports
Flexible System
Flexibility of the System Based on Call Center Needs
Flexibility to customize system to call redirect missed call to subsequent users serially or ring all mapped users at once
Multi User System
Multi User System
Multi user system where users can be mapped to leads of a specific virtual number or multiple virtual numbers
Request As You Go
Request as You Go
Buy more numbers or remove virtual numbers on a need basis with a pay per usage model